We have been learning about the gingerbread man and thinking about why he needed help from the fox to get across the river. We decided to do a biscuit experiment to see what happens to different biscuits when we dunk them in water. We know that an experiment is to ‘test things out’. We talked about what we thought might happen…

“The gingerbread man can’t swim because he is made of gingerbread”

“He would get all soggy”

“Gingerbread is made from flour and flour soaks up all the water”

“Soggy biscuits break”

“The biscuit will dissolve; it will disappear in the water”


We put the same amount of warm water into each cup to make sure the test was fair. “If one cup has more water that biscuit will soak up more water and get soggy and break quicker”. We all chose which biscuit we thought would be the strongest, we all picked different biscuits for different reasons.

“Oat biscuits are squashed together really tight so they will take the longest to break up”

“The chocolate ones because the chocolate will keep the biscuit dry”

We dropped the biscuits into the cups at the same time and watched to see what happened. Some of the biscuits floated and some of them sank. Some of the biscuits broke straight away and some took longer to break. We know that the biscuits soaked up the water which made them soggy and that’s when they broke.The chocolate covered oat biscuit lasted the longest and was the strongest. We think this is because the chocolate was like a ‘rain coat’ and kept the water out!