Lunchtime Clubs

Ocarina Club Ocarina Monday Lunchtime Miss Rodway Years 2 and 3
Computing/Coding Club Computing/Coding Club Tuesday Lunchtime Mrs Bell/Ms Johnson Year 4
Junior Recorder Club Junior Recorders Tuesday Lunchtime Miss Reay Years 2 and 3
Eco/Gardening/Nature Club Eco/Gardening/Nature Club Wednesday Lunchtime Mrs Healy/Mrs Woods Years 3 and 4
Junior Art and Craft Club Junior Art and Craft Club Wednesday Lunchtime Mrs Brennan Year 1
Art and Craft Art and Craft Thursday Lunchtime Miss Taylor Year 4
Lexia Phonics Thursday Lunchtime Mrs Woods Group by Invitation
Songs and Games Songs and Games Thursday Lunchtime Mrs White Reception after half term
Senior Recorders Club Senior Recorders Friday Lunchtime Miss Reay Years 3 and 4

After School Clubs

Team Games Team Games Tuesday Mr Lunec Years 3 and 4
Photography Photography Tuesday Mr Lunec Years 3 and 4
Languages Languages Tuesday Mrs Healy Years 2 and 3
Choir Choir Wednesday Mrs Hays/Mrs Fuller Years 3 and 4
Design and Technology Design and Technology Wednesday Mrs Hodson/Mrs Moody Years 3
Keep Fit Keep Fit Wednesday (Autumn/Spring) School Games
Year 2
Tri Golf Tri Golf Wednesday (Summer) School Games
Year 4
Healthy Cookery Healthy Cookery Thursday Miss Wilson/Mrs Hodson Year 2
Dance Dance Thursday Miss Dyson Years 3 and 4
Football Club Football Club Friday Mr Jefferson Year 4
Orchestra Orchestra Friday (5 per term)
Dates confirmed
each term
Miss Todd Any players with
1 term’s experience.