We have been learning about winter and investigating ice and snow. We found out that when water is frozen it turns into ice. We discovered that when the ice gets hot it melts and turns back into water. When we played with ice outside, we could play with it for quite a long time because the weather was cold. When we were playing with ice inside we could only play with it for a short time because our classroom was warm and the ice melted quickly.

We worked together to explore what happens when you mix salt and ice. We had two bowls of ice and sprinkled salt into one of them. We watched very closely and waited to see what would happen. We noticed that the bowl of ice with salt in it started to melt quicker than the one that didn’t.

We talked about how this might help us when it is slippy outside in the winter and the grit lorries drive round spreading salt on to the roads. The salt helps to melt the ice and makes the roads safer for cars to drive on.