School News

Walk to School Week

Morpeth First School will be taking part in the Walk to School Week from the 20th-24th of May. The aim is to get as many children walking to school as possible. We realise this isn't possible for everyone so we have created a 5 minute walking zone so families can...

Weights and Measures

In numeracy we have been learning all about different weights and measures. We have worked on capacity, length and mass and we got to use the practical equipment to weigh items and measure quantities of liquid. We learnt how to convert measurements by dividing and...

Literacy games in Class 7

This afternoon we worked in partners to play a game.  We had to decide if the 's' at the end of the word had been used to show a plural or possession.  We were not allowed to see the sentence and could only hear it from our partner.  

Wonderful Weaving

Year 2 have begun to learn about the weaving process and how it turns single threads in to full pieces of fabric. We have looked at how material is used to make useful things and can also be made in to beautiful works of art. We started learning paper weaving to...

Crazy Cross Breeds!

This morning, Class 7 enjoyed designing their own cross breed animals.  They thought about their appearance, diet, habitat and threats to their existence.  Later in the week, they will use their ideas to write a report about their animal.

Plant Detectives

Today, Class 7 visited William Turner Garden.  Although there were not a great deal of plants yet, the children enjoyed reading the labels and finding interesting facts.  In our next ICT lesson we will research what the plants will look like later in the year and will...

Plant pots!

Class 7 have really enjoyed designing their own plant pots.  Their task was to think about which age group their plant pot was for and make their design reflect this.