School News

Terrific Tennis!

Class 6 have been learning some great tennis skills in PE over the past few weeks and have had a great time trying to hit the ball as far and as hard as they can with their racket. They have learnt how to hold a racket correctly, how to hit and serve the ball in...

Kung Hei Fat Choi

This week we have had lots of fun celebrating the Chinese New Year. We have written about the different animals that the new years are named after and we have acted out the story of their race. We have loved our Chinese restaurant and takeaway role play and have made...

Super Switches

In year 4 this week we have been investigating and making different types of switches. We were given a range of materials and we had to design and make a toggle switch and 2 pressure switches, one of which that could be turned on by standing on it. We had to then...

Olympic detectives

This week class 8 have been using their detective skills to understand about the Ancient Greek Olympics. They used pictures from Greek pottery to workout what events were at the Olympics. The old starting block caused a lot of confusion!


We designed and made our own popcorn holders to use at the fairground. We had a piece of plain paper which we decorated and then we thought about how to make the container. We used sticky tape and glue.Everyone did something different. Some were too big and some were...

Terrific Textiles

Year 4 continued their textiles topic by using tie dye to create colour and patterns on their fabric. They tried different techniques like scrunching, folding and nipping in order to create different patterns. They will be choosing their favourite technique to use on...

Mini Model Making!

Class 6 have been learning a little bit about 2D and 3D shapes during our maths week. They have identified a lot of the shapes within fair ground rides and then tried to draw and build their own rides using similar shapes.

What a Racket!

We have been practising our tennis skills in PE. We have been able to control the ball with our rackets and to hit it to a partner. We found this quite tricky to begin with. we have had lots of practice and we think we have improved.