School News

Volcanic Eruptions Part 1!

Today, Class 7 thoroughly enjoyed creating volcanoes using newspaper and glue!  It was a messy job but there were some very successful volcano shapes by the end of the afternoon. The next task is to paint them when they are dry.  

The Kids are United!

We did 2 super Christmas performances this week. We were asked to be naughty schoolchildren and all dressed appropriately. We danced along to some music and were all excellent performers. We hope you enjoyed our performance.

Ship Shape!

Last week we designed and made our own pirate ships for homework. They were fantastic! We also looked at which materials would be good at floating and sinking for our pirate ships. We tested: metal, clay, paper, felt, wood and plastic.  We were surprised that some of...

Paul Klee

We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have learnt about the work of Paul Klee and made our own version of 'The Castle and Sun', using 2D shapes. Our pictures were just as good as the real thing!

Let it Snow!

In Class 3, we have been practising the sound, 'ow'. We learnt that the saying for 'ow' is 'ow-blow the snow.' We made and blew our own pretend snow to help us to practise our ow sound. We then had a go at writing words with the 'ow' sound on whiteboards which we were...

Tectonic custard creams!

This week Class 8 have been learning about tectonic plates. They learnt that the earth's surface is made up of these plates and they are moving. They used the custard creams to show divergent, convergent and transform plate movements.

Island Ahoy!

We have started to look at pirates in Class 3. We became explorers and investigated an unknown island which had just been discovered. We added map symbols to the island and discussed different geographical features and where we would find them on the island. We looked...