Our Aims and Ethos

Our Ethos and Mission Statement

At Morpeth First School we

M otivate and challenge children to achieve their full potential

O rganise high quality teaching and learning within a stimulating environment

R espect diversity, appreciate uniqueness and emotional development

P romote independence, resilience and initiative within an inclusive setting

E ncourage creativity and an interest in lifelong learning

T ogether nurture children to be confident, respectful citizens

H arness positive partnerships between home, school and the local community


The community of Morpeth First School believes in developing potential, personal success and maturity within a happy, safe and caring environment by ‘Learning Together and Growing Together.’


School Aims

In such an Inclusive Community of Life Long Learners we aim:

  • To work together as a community with a shared purpose to create a secure, safe, warm and caring environment that encourages and recognises respect for all.
  • To create a welcoming and stimulating learning environment within which children can confidently learn.
  • To promote professional relations and respect between all the school’s stakeholders so modelling a positive attitude for our children.
  • To be committed to inclusivity and equality of access to learning for all.
  • To achieve high standards through high expectations of behaviour and learning.
  • To make learning explicit by sharing the highest quality of teaching, ensuring all children improve their performance and achieve their potential.
  • To deliver a broad, balanced, relevant and creative curriculum which provides all children with an exciting range of experiences and opportunities in which to realise their own goals.
  • To involve Pupil Voice in decisions about curriculum choices and learning so motivating children to be life long learners across a range of stimulating themes of self interest.
  • To enable children to develop excellence in communication skills and become self motivated and active citizens with a sense of ‘belonging’ and responsibility within their community.
  • To develop children as creative thinkers and effective problem solvers.
  • To help children to develop a balanced, happy, emotionally mature and healthy lifestyle in order to form positive relationships, develop a concern for others and respect different peoples’ beliefs, races and cultures.
  • To ensure parents are fully involved in their child’s learning and all aspects of school life.
  • To create active partnerships in the community, to foster good relations and enrich children’s experiences.