In February, the whole school turned their focus to Europe. Each year group studied one country in the neighbourhood. They studied the culture and customs of the country. They also extended their geography skills by identifying their chosen country.

Parents came along to help Year 1 with their study of Italy. They made Venetian masks and made pizza. They learnt to sing “Fra Martino” and sang it in a round with the parents who came along.

Year 4 loved learning about France for the International project. They spent the week tasting French foods, learning French greeting songs, making giant 3D maps of France and creating PowerPoints on France from their own research. All the children have worked really hard and are thankful to the parents and grandparents who came in to help.

Year 2 studied Germany. Amongst other things, they made hats and learnt a German dance. This dance is performed at the beginning of each traditional Bavarian dance evening. The children performed for their parents

Year 3 were looking at Holland (The Netherlands). They drew patterned plates and tasted Dutch food. they also tried on clogs to see how comfortable they are.

Early Years were experiencing life in Spain during the week.

They practised Flamenco dancing and tasted Spanish food. They looked at Picasso and Gaudi artworks and recreated their own.

We loved celebratiing the cultural similarities and differences of our neighbourhood!