We went to Seven Stories on our first ever school trip. First we had to get the bus to Newcastle! This was a very exciting part of our day. When we got to Seven Stories we sat together and had a picnic lunch before completing a workshop all about bears, and the story of ‘Otto’. We had to dress up as bears, help bears to cross the road, draw a map of a new adventure for Otto, find characters in a range of bear stories and investigate photographs to identify if they were taken from up high or down low. We then had to climb a very tall stair case to get to the bear exhibition on level 5. In the bear exhibition there was lots to do and lots to see. We enjoyed exploring.

Our day was so busy that some of us even had to have a little sleep on the bus on the way back to school! We were very well behaved, we listened to instructions carefully and our grown-ups were very proud of us.