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Year 4 Bamburgh Residential

Great news! A fantastic new Goosehill School opening September 2019 with wonderful Early Years and sporting opportunities!!

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Welcome to Morpeth First School

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Governing Body and staff at Morpeth First ( Goosehill ) and I hope you enjoy reading our website.

I am very proud to share with you our ‘Outstanding’ school and the wonderful achievements of our children. The community of Morpeth First School believes in identifying and developing the potential, personal success and uniqueness of every child within a happy, safe and nurturing environment by ‘Learning Together and Growing Together.’ We value and harness positive partnerships between home, school and the local community and enjoy sharing our good practice with all our supportive stakeholders.

Our curriculum is dynamic and inclusive and learning is ‘fun’ and exciting! We deliver a creative skills programme which includes a wide range of relevant interactive learning, investigative, artistic and technological activities. We offer termly Collapsed Curriculum Projects such as our recent ‘ ICT/DT Robots’ programme and regularly use visits and visitors to support our teaching and learning eg Forest Schools, Creative Practitioners, Allotment.

We have held the highly regarded Artsmark Gold Award, Healthy Schools, International Schools Award, Food for Life Bronze Award and Gold School Games Mark and Leading Parent Partnership Awards which altogether seek to validate the richness of our curriculum along with the twenty lunchtime and after school clubs which OfSTED deemed ‘Outstanding.’

Teaching and Learning is excellent and our children’s Achievement and Performance outstanding and well above national averages in all phases. Please enjoy visiting our website. We look forward to welcoming your child to join our Community of Learners.

You are most welcome to visit at anytime.

Miss E Reay


This Weeks Attendance

  • Class 1 96% 96%
  • Class 2 96.6% 96.6%
  • Class 3 97.0% 97.0%
  • Class 4 98.2% 98.2%
  • Class 5 98.4% 98.4%
  • Class 6 97.4% 97.4%
  • Class 7 97.1% 97.1%
  • Class 8 97.7% 97.7%
  • Class 9 97.5% 97.5%
  • Class 10 98.1% 98.1%

School News

Fantastic Food Groups

The children were learning about the 5 main food groups and how they help to keep our bodies fit and healthy. The children worked in groups of 4 and had to come to the front of class, one at a time, to look at a food groups diagram. They then had to go back to their...

Interpretative Dancing and Music

Class 8 have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh's artwork and his life. He lived during the industrial revolution so they tried to link their dancing and music to this. They learnt a little bit about what the industrial revolution was, watched a video and listened...

Sew, Can you Sew?

We have been practising our sewing skills ahead of our trip to Shipley for the Sew a Circuit workshop that we will take part in. We have worked in groups to make a heart shaped, Mother's Day fridge magnet. We learnt about threading needles, stitching and unpicking as...


During numeracy this week we have been drawing reflections of shapes and other patterns. We learnt how to reflect using a vertical, horizontal and diagonal mirror line on a grid. We had to count the squares or dots away from the mirror line to make sure that we were...

Goosehill News

Class 9 have been working really hard in their literacy lessons, learning all about newspaper reports and journalistic writing. To get into character, the children wrote and performed their own news broadcast on Jackson Pollock. It helped them use a more formal tone...

Bare Toed Dancing

As part of our Arts Project, Class 5 took part in a bare toed dancing lesson. Year 2 are looking at the artist Lowry and our dancing was linked to his paintings. For example, machines that might be in the factories and the match stick people that he...

Measuring in mm cm

Mr Lunec's Numeracy group have started their new unit. They learnt how to measure accurately in cm and mm. Next we discussed which units of measure would be best for measuring different objects. After that we looked at a scenario where a ruler was broken and how we...

Multiplication Mania

Year 4 have been consolidating their multiplication skills. The children spent time looking at how the place value of digits change when multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 with whole numbers and decimal numbers.They also used the short written method to multiply...

3D Shape Models

This week Miss Taylor's Maths groups are learning about shape.  Today, we began the lesson by naming 3D shapes.  Then we used play dough to create models of the shapes, taking care to get the correct number of faces and...

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Keeping Safe Online

The internet can be great fun. You can chat to your friends, play games and learn about new things.

But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say mean things which make you feel sad, or you may see something that you don’t like.

If this happens, you must remember it’s not your fault. TELL AN ADULT YOU TRUST if you are upset or worried about something that has happened to you. They can help you to report it to us at CEOP. Click the logo above to do this.

If you feel in danger phone 999 to speak to the police. They will make sure you are safe.