Year 4 – Class 10

Mr Jefferson

In class 10 we love learning! We have fun reading books, writing stories and playing fun games that help us learn. We love using the computers and iPads to learn and we do lots of practical activities as well.

Charts and Graphs

In our computing lessons this week we have been using an application to collect data and create different charts and graphs. We learnt how to select the correct chart type for the data type and then make it using our computers.

Party Particles

We have been learning about how particles are arranged in different states of matter. We had to describe the particle behaviour in a solid, a liquid and a gas and then make a particle diagram using some marshmallows!

Interesting Instruments

We have been making our own tissue box musical instruments! We used an old tissue box and some elastic bands to create a stringed instrument, we learnt that when we tighten the string the pitch goes higher and when we loosen it the pitch goes lower. We also learnt...

Class 10 Maths

In class today we were making 3D shapes with spaghetti and marshmallows. The spaghetti represented the edges and the marshmallows represented the vertices.