Year 1 – Class 4

Mrs Healy

We are class 4 and we are good at drawing and PE. We are really looking forward to writing activities and working on arts projects this year. We think we can get better at doing maths activities.


We designed and made our own popcorn holders to use at the fairground. We had a piece of plain paper which we decorated and then we thought about how to make the container. We used sticky tape and glue.Everyone did something different. Some were too big and some were...

What a Racket!

We have been practising our tennis skills in PE. We have been able to control the ball with our rackets and to hit it to a partner. We found this quite tricky to begin with. we have had lots of practice and we think we have improved.  

The Kids are United!

We did 2 super Christmas performances this week. We were asked to be naughty schoolchildren and all dressed appropriately. We danced along to some music and were all excellent performers. We hope you enjoyed our performance.

Double Double Toil and Trouble!

This week, as part of the bi write project, we created our own spells. We decided what the spell would do. Then we chose some ingredients to use. We added them to the spell bag and added coloured gel. We wrote our own spells afterwards. We wanted love potions,...

Dance Party!

As our half term treat we chose have a dancing competition. We all chose music to dance to and joined in as a group. We danced to Little Mix, George Ezra and the Ghostbusters theme. We also did the Macarena and watch some ballet. It was a enjoyable end to our first...

Blind Taste Tests

We wanted to find out if your sense of taste worked when you couldn't see you were eating. We tasted some fruit sweets whilst we were blindfolded and we discovered that we could not always taste the difference between raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant when we...

Are you hungry, Monster?

We read the story of Bernard's Monster and we thought of a way to save Bernard from the monster. We decided to make sandwiches for the monster so that it would not eat Bernard. We practised making sandwiches then we wrote a list of instructions using time connectives

Busy Fingers

We have been building up our fingers and hand strength with some lovely new exercises and equipment. We used Theraputty, elastic bands to stretch and practised winding string around pegs to improve our coordination.

Down on the Farm

Class Four visited Whitehouse Farm Centre. We had a fabulous time with the small animals and looking at the large farm animals. We fed the goats and ponies and petted rats, rabbits and guinea pigs. We were lucky to meet Jamie who talked to us about owls and answered...

Wonderful Web

This week we were asked to think of why we think the children in our class are wonderful. We started with a ball of wool, gave it to one person and they chose another in our circle and said why they were wonderful. They gave the ball of wool to them. They chose...