Year 1 – Class 4

Mrs Healy

We are class 4 and we are good at drawing and PE. We are really looking forward to writing activities and working on arts projects this year. We think we can get better at doing maths activities.

Numicon Fun!

In Class 4, we have been using the Numicon materials to help us with number bonds and number order. We have been able to check that we have the correct number bond for 10 by using the 10 piece to cover. We know that 10 add 10 is 20, so we need 2 pieces of 10 to check...

Owl Meet and Greet!

We visited Whitehouse Farm and saw lots of different animals from alpacas to millipedes. We were introduced to Barnaby, the barn owl, and Smokie, the great grey owl. We discovered that they eat mice, rats and chicks. Smokie had a huge wingspan but he was not heavy to...