Year 2 – Class 5

Miss Taylor

We are Class 5. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Taylor. We especially love arts and technology activities as we love making things. We also really enjoy stories and music.

Wonderful Weaving

Year 2 have begun to learn about the weaving process and how it turns single threads in to full pieces of fabric. We have looked at how material is used to make useful things and can also be made in to beautiful works of art. We started learning paper weaving to...

Discovering The Discovery Museum!

Class 5 had a great day out at the Newcastle Discovery Museum. They found out all about the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead and used drama and role play to retell the story. They also enjoyed visiting all the other exhibitions to look at History and Science...

3D Shape Fun!

Year 2 have been learning to name 3D shapes and describe their features using the words face, edges and vertices. We used cocktail sticks and marshmallows to build our own 3D shapes. The marshmallows were the vertices and the cocktail sticks were the edges. We talked...

Maasai Mud Huts

In Geography Class 5 have loved learning about life in Kenya. This week they have been learning about the Maasai Tribe and their traditional way of life. We made model mud huts and created our own Maasai village.     

All Around the World

Class 5 have been learning about life in Kenya. They worked in groups to make paper mache 3D maps to show the shape of the country and added the main features they have learnt. They know the capital is Nairobi, the main river is the River Tana, the main mountain is...

Delicious Division!

Miss Robinson's maths class have been learning how to share objects into equal groups this week. They have also learnt that ‘sharing’ is the same as ‘dividing’ and that they can use the ÷ sign when writing their sums. They used counters, and cubes to begin their...

Equal Groups Are Easy!

The boys and girls have been learning how to identify equal and unequal groups today. They also had a go at making equal groups using the correct terminology… ‘I have 5 groups of 3’.

Fantastic Gymnastics

Year 2 have been working on their gymnastic skills in PE. We have learned to perform controlled jumps off different heights of apparatus. We know to land softly on 2 feet and use our arms to balance us. We have tried performing tuck, pencil and star jumps and have...

Roar-some Art!

Class 5 learned to draw realistic lions using step by step instructions. We have been learning facts about Lions as part of our Geography Topic work on Kenya and The Big 5.