Year 2 – Class 5

Miss Taylor

We are Class 5. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Taylor. We especially love arts and technology activities as we love making things. We also really enjoy stories and music.

Numberline Maths

Year 2 have been learning to draw their own numberline pictures to show how they work out the answer to a sum. They use facts they know, such as bonds of 10 or partitioning tens and ones, and draw out the steps to keep track of their thinking. This is especially...

Divergent Drama

Year 2 had a lovely time with the Divergent Drama company in school on Tuesday! They leanr a little bit about how to use their faces, bodies and voice to help with acting, then had a go at making up their own Roald Dahl style 'mini' play. They were all involved in...

Ten More, Ten Less

Year 2 have used hundreds, tens and ones apparatus to help them learn to say 10 more and 10 less than 2 and 3 digit numbers. After using the equipment they were able to then do this independently in their heads.

Super Scientists!

Year 2 have been developing their knowledge of fair testing this week. They carried out an experiment that made 'blobs in a bottle'. They were asked to watch what happened and think about why some worked really well, and why some didn't work as well. They came to the...

Maths Problem Solving

We have learned to use what we know and concrete objects to help solve word problems. We grouped our cubes to represent the animals and found different ways to solve the problem. We explained our thinking with a partner and tried to use Maths vocabulary.

Multi-skills Festival

Year 2 had a great afternoon at Chantry Middle School taking part in the Morpeth Schools Sports Partnership Festival. It was fun working with children from other local First Schools and the Year 8 Sports Leaders were great at organising and running the different...

Northumberland Zoo

Year 2 had a fantastic day out at Northumberland Country Zoo. We loved looking at all the different animals and learned about the adaptations that meerkats, birds of prey and lemurs have to help them survive in their different habitats.  

Bar Model Maths

Year 2 have learned to use bar model pictures to represent a sum. We know the 2 smaller bars must be equal to the total of the large bar. We learned to make a fact family of 2 add sums and 2 inverse take-aways to match a bar model picture. We moved our bars around to...

3D Shape Fun

Year 2 have been learning to name and describe the features of 3D shapes in Numeracy. As part of our Safety Week work we then designed packaging for medicines with child safety warnings on.      

Super Safety Week

All of the children have been learning about howto stay safe in various situations this week. We have had visitors in school from lots of places; the environment agency taught them how to stay safe during floods,the council taught them how to cross roads safely, the...