Year 2 – Class 5

Miss Taylor

We are Class 5. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Taylor. We especially love arts and technology activities as we love making things. We also really enjoy stories and music.

Harvest Baking

Class 5 learnt how to make bread and how flour is made from the wheat harvest. We put our muscles to work kneading the dough and crafted a beautiful Harvest Wheat sheaf. It looked and smelled yummy! Next we will be learning to write our own recipes and instructions...

Year 2 Great North Design Quest

Year 2 spent an exciting day following the Great North Design Quest around Newcastle Quayside. We learnt about logos and branding at the Northern Design Centre, created visual scores and soundscapes at The Sage, immersed ourselves in art installations at the Baltic...

Year 2 Lighthouse Visit

On Monday, Year 2 had a great day visiting St. Mary's Lighthouse.  We went to the top of the lighthouse and learnt about the history of it.  After lunch, we explored thew rock pools and went onto the beach to do some sand art.  

Garden Gang

Class 5 spent a lovely sunny afternoon at the school allotment. They did planting, weeding and watering and searched for signs of wildlife.

World Cup Geography

Class 5 are running a World Cup sweepstake. We each picked a country and are going to find out more about them. We started by using atlases to find out where our countries are in the world.

Salad Sculptures

We have been talking about healthy eating this week. We know what can be healthy for us to eat and we know what we should only have a little of. We designed a salad using our favourite ingredients. We thought of something new that we would like to try in our salad....

Science Testing

We tested which style of bridge would be the strongest to make a new bridge across to St Mary’s Lighthouse. We worked in a group and tried hard to keep our test fair. We observed and recorded our findings as we worked.    

Seaside Sandwiches

We designed healthy picnic sandwiches to take on our trip to the seaside. We wrote recipes for how to make a successful sandwich and tested their success by following each other’s instructions to make tasty ham and cheese sandwiches.

Year 2 Practical Maths

Year 2 have begun learning to use column methods to solve addition and subtraction sums. We used the numicon and diennes to represent our calculations. Some of us also began working on carrying groups of 10 when needed.

We’re Going on a Bug Hunt!

Class 5 have been learning about animals and their habitats. We investigated and compared 2 micro-habitats around school - a flower bed and a tree border. We completed a survey of what mini-beasts we found and discussed what differences and similarities there was...