Year 2 – Class 5

Miss Taylor

We are Class 5. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Taylor. We especially love arts and technology activities as we love making things. We also really enjoy stories and music.

Wimbledon here we come!

Class 5 have been enjoying improving their tennis skills in their PE lessons. We have learned to hold the racket correctly, serve the ball and rally with a partner.

Rising Sun Country Park

Year 2 had a fantastic sunny day at the Rising Sun Country Park. We carried out a science walk looking at the features of hedgerow, pond and woodland habitats and looking for what plants and animals lived there. We then visited the House of Objects where we used...

Maths Reasoning

Year 2 have been learning to use their Maths knowledge to solve problems and explain how they worked out their answers. We have used our reasoning skills in our recent  learning on finding fractions of numbers.

Homophone Games

Class 5 have been learning about homophones.  Today they solved the clues to guess the homophone then made their own snap cards.  They also tried to spell the different meanings correctly.

Year 2 Family Lunch

Class 5 enjoyed having some of their parents join us for lunch today.  Luckily the rain stopped so we could go outside and play in the yard.

Bare Toed Dancing

As part of our Arts Project, Class 5 took part in a bare toed dancing lesson. Year 2 are looking at the artist Lowry and our dancing was linked to his paintings. For example, machines that might be in the factories and the match stick people that he painted.

3D Shape Models

This week Miss Taylor's Maths groups are learning about shape.  Today, we began the lesson by naming 3D shapes.  Then we used play dough to create models of the shapes, taking care to get the correct number of faces and vertices.

Baboon On The Moon!

In Literacy we have been using lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the characters in the story 'Baboon On The Moon'. In Art we tried different clay modelling skills then created our own 3D baboon models.

Science Stars

Mrs Bell our Science coordinator joined Class 5 for an investigation to find out if the material it was made from changed how well a boat floated. We predicted that paper would sink fastest but actually found out that the shape of the boat was more important. We are...

Year 2 Handball!

Year 2 have been enjoying learning to play handball. They have practised different types of pass and how to pass to your team mates and avoid your opponents. It can be tricky to remember that you're not allowed to move with the ball.