Year 2 – Class 6

Mrs Rawlings

We are Class 6. We are in Year 2. Our teacher is Mrs Rawlings. We really enjoy listening to stories and often talk about the characters and make predictions about what might happen. We are also very interested in Geography as we like to learn about different parts of our country and the world.

Community Afternoon

  Year 2 enjoyed their community afternoon and worked together to complete different tasks.  This week the whole school are doing a Maths Project and Year 2 are planning a party.  In Class 6 the children decorated place mats whilst learning about...


Year 2 enjoyed their P.E lesson outside using equipment.  We practised lots of different skills like throwing, catching, aiming and travelling in a variety of...

Scratch It!

Class 6 have been learning how to write algorithms using the program 'Scratch' on the computers and i-pads . They chose their own background and sprites. Their challenge was to make the sprites move and then say something. The next challenge is to debug their program...

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