Year 2 – Class 6

Miss Robinson

We are Class 6. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Robinson. We really enjoy listening to stories and often talk about the characters and make predictions about what might happen. We are also very interested in Geography as we like to learn about different parts of our country and the world.

Super Safety Week

All of the children have been learning about howto stay safe in various situations this week. We have had visitors in school from lots of places; the environment agency taught them how to stay safe during floods,the council taught them how to cross roads safely, the...

Year 2 Great North Design Quest

Year 2 spent an exciting day following the Great North Design Quest around Newcastle Quayside. We learnt about logos and branding at the Northern Design Centre, created visual scores and soundscapes at The Sage, immersed ourselves in art installations at the Baltic...

Year 2 Lighthouse Visit

On Monday, Year 2 had a great day visiting St. Mary's Lighthouse.  We went to the top of the lighthouse and learnt about the history of it.  After lunch, we explored thew rock pools and went onto the beach to do some sand art.  

Class 6 Allotment Visit

This morning Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to our school allotment.  We split into 3 groups and did 3 different activities.  We spent some time weeding, watering and planting.  We also went on a mini beast hunt with magnifying glasses.  The final activity was...

Monday morning in Class 6

Class 6 started the week with a Science lesson.  They worked in a group and each member had a specific role.  They made 7 different types of bridges and tested their strength.  Each group made predictions and made sure the test was fair.

Year 2 Practical Maths

Year 2 have begun learning to use column methods to solve addition and subtraction sums. We used the numicon and diennes to represent our calculations. Some of us also began working on carrying groups of 10 when needed.

Musical Poems

On Monday Class 6 wrote their own garden creature poems.  In the afternoon, they worked in pairs to perform their poems and create a musical accompaniment. 

Happy Habitats

Children in Class 6 have been finding out about different habitats as part of their science topic. Each group become 'experts' on one habitat and then share their knowledge with the rest of the class.

Hurray for outdoor P.E!

Today Class 6 were very happy to get out into the playground for P.E.  They worked on their tennis skills with a partner.  First they tried to keep the ball up with the tennis racket then they played a point scoring game.  The children worked hard on their aim and the...