Year 2 – Class 6

Miss Robinson

We are Class 6. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Miss Robinson. We really enjoy listening to stories and often talk about the characters and make predictions about what might happen. We are also very interested in Geography as we like to learn about different parts of our country and the world.

3D Shape Models

This week Miss Taylor's Maths groups are learning about shape.  Today, we began the lesson by naming 3D shapes.  Then we used play dough to create models of the shapes, taking care to get the correct number of faces and vertices.

German Shepherd Dogs

As part of our school International week, Year 2 are learning about Germany.  Today Class 6 learnt how to draw a German Shepherd Dog.  They used a sketch pencil and carefully followed step by step instructions.  They were very successful!


Class 6 enjoyed using the apparatus in their P.E lesson.  We worked on tuck jumps, star jumps, pin jumps and turning jumps.  We also found some interesting ways to travel across the benches. 

Practical Division

Year 2 have been learning their 3 times tables and then using these to work out the related division facts. They used real objects to represent their division sums and to explain to each other how they had found their answers. 3 x 4 = 12 so 12 divided by 3 will be 4!...

Time for Christmas crafts and plays!

It really is that time of year already! We have been so busy making our penguin crafts for the fair and rehearsing our lines and dances for the play, Santa's on strike.

Crazy Hair Day!

Class 6 enjoyed coming to school with some mad hairstyles and colours to raise money for Children in Need.

Judo Stars!

Class 6 had the opportunity to work with a Judo coach. They worked on their balance and co-ordination as well as strength building. They had great fun developing these skills.