Year 3 – Class 7

Mrs Irvine and Mrs Woods

In class 7 we enjoy learning in a variety of different ways. We love reading, writing and playing numeracy games. We like to do as much learning outdoors as possible and learning through practical activities.

Class 7 visit the new school

Class 7 had the opportunity to visit the new school this week.  Everyone had to wear hi-viz jackets and hard hats.  We had a tour of the school and saw the classrooms for next year. It looks fantastic and we are all very excited about starting in September.

Guitar Concert

We have some very talented guitarists in Class 7 and this morning some of them gave us a mini concert.  Well done, we really enjoyed it!

Year 3 Community Afternoon

Thank you to the parents and carers who were able to join Class 7 for their Community Afternoon.  The children enjoyed making collages of flowers, using photos that they had taken themselves, and using the watercolour paints to create fabulous pictures.

Musical Art!

As part of our Arts Project, Class 7 thought about how different layers in a landscape made them feel.  Then they used musical instruments to represent their feelings.  The children worked in partners and performed to the class at the end of the lesson.

British Values

Class 7 have been talking about things that they have in common with their classmates and things that are different.  They made a 'Dream Jar' to share their dreams for the future   .

Arts Project

This afternoon, Class 7 began our Arts Project.  We are looking at the artist Georgia O'Keeffe.  We looked at paintings of flowers that she had done and tried to create some of our own using sketch pencils and pastels.

Pass the baton

Today in P.E we practised our skills in passing the baton.  Then we put them into practise by having a relay.

Literacy games in Class 7

This afternoon we worked in partners to play a game.  We had to decide if the 's' at the end of the word had been used to show a plural or possession.  We were not allowed to see the sentence and could only hear it from our partner.  

Deep discussion in Class 7

This afternoon, Class 7 enjoyed discussing the roles of males and females.  They thought about jobs that are often gender stereotyped and how chores in their own homes are divided out!