Year 3 – Class 7

Mrs Irvine and Mrs Woods

In class 7 we enjoy learning in a variety of different ways. We love reading, writing and playing numeracy games. We like to do as much learning outdoors as possible and learning through practical activities.

Plant pots!

Class 7 have really enjoyed designing their own plant pots.  Their task was to think about which age group their plant pot was for and make their design reflect this.  

Rapunzel Rap!

As part of our STEM project we have been exploring the story of Rapunzel.  Today we performed a Rapunzel Rap.  We took different parts and performed the rap to the class using expression and actions.

Class 7 investigate towers

As part of our STEM project, Year 3 are investigating towers.  This afternoon, we used different equipment to try and build a strong tower.

Comma chaos in Class 7!

This morning, Class 7 experimented with putting commas in different places within sentences.  We found that it can change the meaning of a sentence.  We also found some sentences rather tricky to say without a comma!  

Spiders in Year 3!

Today, in Maths we made spider biscuits.  We used them to help us learn the 8x table.

History Detectives

Today Class 7 enjoyed being history detectives.  They worked in groups to look at the drawings on a Greek pot.  They looked for clues about what the drawing might represent then chose between 4 possible answers.  As a group, they had to agree which answer they would...

Volcano Eruptions Part 2

Today, Class 7 painted their volcano models.  They worked well in their small groups and made sure that everyone took turns.

Volcanic Eruptions Part 1!

Today, Class 7 thoroughly enjoyed creating volcanoes using newspaper and glue!  It was a messy job but there were some very successful volcano shapes by the end of the afternoon. The next task is to paint them when they are dry.