Year 3 – Class 7

Mrs Irvine and Mrs Woods

In class 7 we enjoy learning in a variety of different ways. We love reading, writing and playing numeracy games. We like to do as much learning outdoors as possible and learning through practical activities.

Centre for Life Visit

Wow! What a fantastic day at the Centre for Life! Class 7 have thoroughly enjoyed exploring robots, learning about the universe in the planetarium and taking part in a workshop about light, dark and shadows.  I am sure they will sleep well tonight!  

Tasty Tapas!

Year 3 have learnt  how to work their way through the design & technology process to design, plan, make and evaluate healthy, 'small plates' of food from European countries this week. They also learnt how to chop certain foods correctly, how to use a food...

Brilliant Breakfast

This week Class 7 have been taking part in active fortnight. In order to fuel their bodies Class 7 had the cook come in to teach them how to make overnight oats. They enjoyed learning about the different fruits that you could use.

What are the optimal conditions for plant growth?

Class 7 set up an experiment to investigate what plants need for optimal growth. The children had to first of all decide on a question to investigate. Once they had completed that they needed to make a prediction about what would happen. After that set up the...

Pirate planning

This week class 7 have been planning their own pirate stories. The children collaborated on class mind maps to write down possible ideas for each section of the story. They demonstrated fantastic creativity and were able to use these ideas when story mapping.

Morpeth Tag Rugby Champions

Year 3 & 4 took part in a tag rugby competition this week. All 3 teams did well in their respective groups, scoring numerous tries. Team 1 topped their group and qualified for the final. They played a fantastic game under pressure and won the final 4-0 against...

Potty plant pots

Class 7 Started their D&T project this week as we started to papier-mache our pots. We have previously planned some ideas and will add bits each week. This links to our current plant topic.  

Alnwick Garden Adventures!

Year 3 visited Alnwick Gardens this week as an introduction to their new science topic about plants. They attended the 'Roots & Shoots' workshop where they learnt the best conditions for growing plants in, got to plant their own seeds and learnt about the...


Members of Class 7 and 8 took part in a Tri-Golf tournament at Riverside. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and their skills improved greatly as it progressed. They finished an honorable 5th, finishing as the top scorers on 2 of the 8 holes. Well done...