Year 3 – Class 7

Mrs Irvine and Mrs Woods

In class 7 we enjoy learning in a variety of different ways. We love reading, writing and playing numeracy games. We like to do as much learning outdoors as possible and learning through practical activities.

Vicious Volcanoes

Class 7 have been learning about the structure of a volcano. They created some collages to demonstrate their understanding.

Anti-bullying week – Different Faces

Class 7 learnt about the importance of being different. To celebrate their differences they created faces on publisher. Inside the faces were pictures and words which made them unique.

Model Volcanoes

Class 7 started to make their volcanoes this week. The first stage was to create the structure, out of clay, around a bottle. Once dried the children will begin to pain them, before the explosion.

Rock on!

Class 7 have been learning how to group rocks. They used books and computers to research information about rocks. They also had a chance to feel and discuss the properties of rocks. Next the children investigated whether any rocks would float. Finally, they tested the...


Mr Lunec's numeracy class have been learning about grouping objects. The children have learnt about multiple groups of 3. They have also learnt about grouping numbers into 3 groups and groups of 3. They made up there own stories which involve the 3x table.


Class 7 have been learning how to greet each other in french. They learned how to say Hello and ask how each other were. They then initiated conversations with each other outside.

Volcanoes around the world

Class 7 started their volcano topic by learning about different volcanoes around the world. The children learnt some great facts and enjoyed helping each other answer testing questions.

Plasticine at the ready!

Class 7 have been learning about the mystery that is Stonehenge. We started our lesson by building a replica of Stonehenge. We then learnt more about the different stones used and discussed why it might have been built. 

Year 3 visit the Centre for Life!

Year 3 visited the Centre for Life last week and expanded their knowledge of light, dark and shadows... We also had lots of fun in other areas of the centre!

Shadow puppets at the ugly bug ball

At the Centre for Life Class 7 learnt how to make shadow puppets. Firstly, we tested out a variety of objects to see whether they were opaque, translucent or transparent. We already new that opaque objects make the best shadows, so we chose card as our equipment....