Year 3 – Class 8

Mr Lunec

Class 8 think all the new facilities at the new school are amazing. We are amazed by our new screens and the classrooms feel super spacious. We enjoy taking part in science experiments and using the MUGA during PE. Best of all are the new laptops that we use in ICT lessons and for mental math games.

Super Structures – Towers

This week Class 8 have been getting stuck into their STEM project. They have been learning all about towers all around the world. They learnt that towers use triangles to improve their stability and have built towers using different materials.

Olympic detectives

This week class 8 have been using their detective skills to understand about the Ancient Greek Olympics. They used pictures from Greek pottery to workout what events were at the Olympics. The old starting block caused a lot of confusion!

Tectonic custard creams!

This week Class 8 have been learning about tectonic plates. They learnt that the earth's surface is made up of these plates and they are moving. They used the custard creams to show divergent, convergent and transform plate movements.

Grouping in 3s

This week in Numeracy the children have been learning how to group in 3s and apply that knowledge to problem solving situations.

3D volcanoes

Class 8 have been learning about the different parts of a volcano. The children created 3D pictures using card and tissue paper. They had to create their own labels. Fast finishers were able to finish with a game of volcano top trumps.

Prehistoric Pendants

This week in Topic the children have been getting creative making Stone Age necklaces. They looked at some model example and created their own.

Mad Minute Maths

Mr Lunec's numeracy class have been working on adding multiples of 100 to 3 digit numbers. The children completed a list against sums against the clock. Once the children had finished they partnered up and completed some peer assessment. The children then fed back to...

Fierce floods

We had a guest this week come and talk to use about water safety, with a particular focus on floods. They children discussed how to stay safe and sport potential dangers. The children got the opportunity to report on the weather and used costumes when performing to...

Centre for Life

Class 8 had a fantastic learning experience at the Centre for Life. They learnt more about light and dark at a fascinating workshop, explored a wonderful robot exhibition and drank out of a toilet! I'll let your child explain that one to you!

Tasty Tapas!

Year 3 have learnt  how to work their way through the design & technology process to design, plan, make and evaluate healthy, 'small plates' of food from European countries this week. They also learnt how to chop certain foods correctly, how to use a food...