Year 3 – Class 8

Mr Lunec

In class 8 we love learning new things and have very curious minds! We have fun reading books, writing stories and conducting exciting science experiments that help us learn. We are also a very artistic group and love creating beautiful artwork for displays. Finally, we really enjoy using the computers and iPads to help us learn!

Seeing in the dark!

Class 8 visited the Centre for Life and learnt that some opaque objects reflect light so that you can see them in the dark. They carried out an  investigation around this by putting a small light and different objects, one by one, into a dark box. Then they looked...

Super Scientists – How shadows change during the day!

Class 8 have been learning about how shadows are formed when light is blocked by an object. They have also been learning about how shadows change shape and size throughout the day as the Earth rotates - they now know that the sun does not move across the...