Year 4 – Class 9

Mrs Smeaton

In class 9 we work hard but have lots of fun along the way. We like to learn through practical activities where we can work together and support each other’s learning. We have so many fantastic talents in our class – amazing artists, super sports players and magnificent musicians.

Pop Art!

Class 9 have been studying Pop Art within their art lessons. In particular, they have been learning about the work of Andy Warhol. They have created their own pieces inspired by him. They chose colour combinations that they felt complimented each other and organised...

Crazy Carroll Diagrams

Miss Dyson's numeracy group have started their data handling unit this week. They began by looking at Carroll diagrams. They transformed their tables into giant diagrams, chose their own criteria and then created data to sort. They then moved around the room...

Football superstars

Well done to the football teams who traveled to Ponteland for the Morpeth inter schools football tournament. It was a fantastic performance from both teams. Team 1 won all their games scoring 15 goals and only conceding 1 to win the tournament overall. Team 2 remained...

Rotten Roman Numerals

Miss Dyson's maths group have been finding it tricky to remember the value of each Roman numeral. So they have created their own mnemonic to help them. They then played a memory game to really try and secure their understanding.

Super Shapes

Miss Dyson's numeracy group have been extending their knowledge of 2D shapes this week. They created their own flip flap booklets which gave properties of 2D shapes such as an octagon, a rhombus and a trapezoid. They had to use...

Indian Feast!

As part of our World Faiths week, class 9 enjoyed some traditional Indian breads and sauces. They have been learning about the Sikh harvest festival and so enjoyed tasting the traditional foods associated with the Punjab region.