Year 1 – Class 3

Miss Hays

In Class 3 we enjoy working as a team! We enjoy phonics and reading stories. We love PE and exercise. We are really good at Art and drawing. We are learning lots of new things in Numeracy and love learning about Science, especially animals!

Number Washing-line

We have been learning how to order numbers in the correct order by looking at their digits. We have looked at how to order one and two-digit numbers from lowest to highest and highest to lowest. We used a washing line to help us order the numbers up to 100!

Phonics Fun!

In Class 3 we have been practising blending sounds into words by jumping through hula-hoops. We practised 'real' and 'alien' words. We enjoyed being able to spot which words are 'alien' words and which words are 'real' words.      


Class 3 decided to host their own Eurovision song contest. We chose our countries and our song and performed it in front of the class. Some people decided to wear costumes. We enjoyed listening to each other and watching each other sing and dance!

Enchanted Gardens!

In Class 3 we have been designing and making enchanted gardens. First we put in the soil and then we planted cress and salad seeds. Then we decorated the ground with glass beads to make paths and colourful gravel. Next we added beautiful furniture (which we made for...

Plant Hunt!

This week, we have fully enjoyed the arrival of the sun! We went out into the garden and searched for different plants. We made a tally of all the different plants we could see. We then went into the shade and sketched the beautiful Daffodils and started to use...

Grow! Flower Grow!

In Class 3, we have started our topic about plants and have planted some sunflower seeds. We decided to hold a sunflower competition and see who can grow the tallest sunflower. We learnt how to plant and care for seeds. Then we wrote poems about sunflowers including...


We really enjoyed our trip to Beamish. We loved looking around the town (especially the sweet shop)! We enjoyed riding on the old fashioned buses and looking at the old cars and trams. We were very quiet during our Edwardian lesson! The teachers were very strict and...

Grace Darling- What a Hero!

We have been learning about the life of Grace Darling. We have enjoyed acting out the events that made her famous and discussing why she became so famous.  In groups we were able to make a script and think about what the different character would say to each other and...

Snow Seasons

Last week we went briefly outside in the snow. We observed the colour of the sky and the feel of the snow! It was very wet! We discussed the changes in seasons and how snow is made.  

Doubling Bots!

We have been designing and making our own doubling machines in Numeracy. We enjoyed working as a team to make our doubling machine and seeing if it worked properly as a doubling machine.