This term’s  curriculum project brought out the ‘mathemagician’ in us all. We spent each afternoon using maths to solve problems and puzzles and we had so much fun along the way!

Reception based our maths weeks around Spinderella by Julia Donaldson. We made patterns and plates with different numbers of food items on them, estimated how many flies had been caught, recorded how many goals had been scored and used different resources to help us with counting, adding and estimating.


In Year 1 we imagined that we were a company of treasure hunters. We did lots of activities which involved finding, counting and collecting treasure. We made treasure counters using beads and pipe cleaners which were needed in lots of activities to add and subtract amounts of treasure. We made subtraction treasure hunting games and estimated amounts of treasure in the bags that we found buried in the sand. We also practised giving each other directions to the “x marks the spot” on a map.

Year 2 planned a party for our maths project. We looked at buying supplies, measuring ingredients for food and cocktails, sharing objects equally between party bags, making repeating pattern decorations and arranging tables so everyone had a seat. On the last day we enjoyed actually having our party!

Year 3 focused really hard on using practical resources to help our understanding of place value, counting forward and backwards in 1’s, 10’s, 50’s and 100’s. Towards the end of the two weeks we were solving various addition and subtraction problems using all of our newly learnt skills. We discovered that once we understood place value really well, then the addition and subtraction came easily. The numicon and base 10 resources also helped us to understand why we carry/exchange numbers when using the formal written methods of addition and subtraction.

Year 4 focused on a range of activities that used practical resources to solve logic puzzles and appy to real world problems. For example we had the challenge of re-flooring the school hall with the correct materials that came in under a given budget and to solve a 100 square jigsaw puzzle that was written entirely in symbols.